South Florida Journalist Jim DeFede interviews MIami Herald journalist that has been doing yeoman's work on the Epstein case.

* US Attorney Acosta broke the law in the plea deal.

* Crime Victims Crime Act

* US Attorneys mislead the victims by telling them their cases were being prosecuted.

* Witnesses said Epstein was recruiting girls from over seas.

* Epstein able to come and go as he liked out of Palm Beach Jail.

* Interview ties Epstein to Clinton Foundation.

* Dershowitz was on his defense team. Had stayed a Palm Beach home.

* Epstein ran in Democrat circles but hired Ken Strarr and Jay Lefkowitz to defend him when he was criminally charged. Hired people with connections in South Florida.

What Happens Next?

* Victims want plea bargain thrown out because it was illegal.

* Victim lawyers have prepared a case.

* Journalist's expectation is that the government will push back.

* Virginia Roberts sueing Ghislene Maxwell was huge. Law suit settled and documents sealed.

* Information now unsealed.