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Saul Alinsky call to digg! Renegade?

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Saul Alinsky Projects Dig

A little dig b4 sleep, aplogies if there's some sloppy formatting

pg 6 of recent FBI release notes Alinksy operating under the name

Industrial Areas Foundation (circa Jan 1941) and organizing a

group South St. Paul Common Council, both involving representatives

from industry, labot and churches.


1. Industrial Areas Foundation (Chicago, IL) est 1940

- is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit

- est by Alinsky, Roman Catholic Biship Bernard James Sheil and

gfounder of Chicago Sun-Times Marshal Field III

- current Chairman Georgianna Gleason

- preceded by "Back of the Yards Neighborhood Council"(1939), a Chicago

meatpackers union (unions notoriously Dem)

- 1979 IAF HQ moved to NY

- 1996 IAF HQ moved back to Chicago

- TWO REGIONS (West / SouthWest IAF https://www.swiaf.org/

& Metro IAF http://metro-iaf.org/)

of 65 IAF Affiliates (US, UK, CA, Germany, Australia):

>> Project QUEST

>> Capital IDEA

>> Project IOWA




>> Skills Quest

>> Capital IDEA Houston

>> AZ Career Pathways

>> JobPath

>> Common Ground Healthcare

>> Nehemiah Project (East Brooklyn NY): "affordable housing" developments

in East NY, S. Bronx, Baltimore & Washington DC

>> The Road home Program (New Orleans)

2. IAF Northwest

- regional division of IAF covering Washington, Oregon, Montana,

Canada, New Zealand and Australia

3. IAF Involvements (non-exhaustive list; these keywords look familiar?):

- faith and broad-based community alliances (wtf is broad-based?)

- building individual civic leadership

- strengthening member organizations

- acting as a vehicle for members to act in the public arena with

sufficient power for the common good

- creates opportunities for people to act powerfully and creatively

as leaders

- achieving lasting change in the world

- School system involvement

- After-school programs

- Immigrant protections

- "Living Wage" and "Above the Poverty Line" advocacy (which we know destroys employment)

- foreclosure housing re-investment

- home care subsidization acquisitions

- Universal Health Care in MA, which "became the template for the Affordable Care Act,

signed in by good ol' MITT ROMNEY

4. Links:




^^^ records only up to 2013

This dig is non-exhaustive and should be dug further into and mapped, since

the organization is still VERY operational across the US and in the FVEY countries


BTW it wouldn't shock me if this group is involved in the Catholic

Archdiocese of Brooklyn's strongarmed, "nothing actually satisfies the

requirements we ask", gradual closing of Catholic Private schools in NYC,

only to sell them to corporations to be reopened as Charter and "Universal"

schools and "Embassies". That's been going on increasingly for the past 20

years, especially in the past 7-9.

Call for digging on this material

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Just to toss it in real quick

Apparently RENEGADE was trained by Alinsky's IAF

I will dig on this for confirmation, but I read it here first: