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POTUS 2020 Election Kick-off Rally Notes

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Donald J. Trump Rally in Orlando: 2020 campaign Kick-off

Notes from POTUS' speech

begin ~8:14, periodic time stamps at the end of lines

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We had such luck being in Orlando, we love being in Orlando.

This is a very big arena–if any empty seats, fake news will say "he didn't fill up the arena."

But decided to go anyways.

Fill it up–but had ~120,000 requests. 8:16

Thanks to everyone.

Thrilled to be back in my second home, the great state of Florida.

Exactly 4 years ago this week, announced my candidacy for the Pres. of the US.

Great political movement, of hard-working patriots….who believe that a nation must care for its own citizens first….

We restored govt of by and for the people…..govt…soaring to new heights. Economy: perhaps the greatest in history of our country.

Our future has never looked brighter or sharper.

American Dream is back: bigger better and stronger than ever before.

2016 - a defining moment in American history. "Ask them, right there" (points to MSM)

"By the way, that is a LOT of fake news back there, that's a lot!"

The amt of press we have tonight reminds me of the Academy Awareds before it went potlicial and its ratings went down the tubes."

About reclaiming……*

"We didn't just transfer power from one political party to another. We transferred power back to you, the proud citizens of America." 8:21

Stared those who make a living bleeding our country dry…. *

We took on a political machine that tried to take away your voice and your vote…..

"Many times I said we would drain the Swamp, and that's exactly what we're doing right now, we're draining the Swamp. "

And that's why the Swamp is fighting back so viciously and violently."

Last 2.5 years–under seige. No president should ever have to go thru this again. Great Hoax.

Under assault from very first day….

Nobody's done what we have done in 2.5 years. We went thru the greatest collusion in history. * 8: 24

Illegal attempt to overturn the results of the election….Insurance policy–remember the insurance policy, in case Hillary Clinton lost. ["Lock her up!" crowd]

Appted 18 angry Dems to try to take down our movement. [Gives stats on collusion investigations]

"What did they come up with? No collusion, no obstruction. And they spent $40mil on this witchhunt."

And….nobody's been tougher on Russian [than me]. 8:27

When Obama was told about Russian interference, he did nothing. Thought HRC was going to win.

Now #1 producer of energy in the world because of what we've done.

Dems - don't care about Russia, only about political power. Went after my family, businesses…. but they are really going after YOU…..8:29

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DJT Orlando Rally 2020 campaign

Page 2, con't.

Dems are driven by rage, they want to destroy the country. "Not gonna happen."

[Re: court system: Obama left 145 open judicial seats. Record percentage, once all are appointed, except for George Washington.]

They want to radicalize the judiciary. [Speaks of what they did to Justice Kavanaugh: "They didn't just try to win, but tried to destroy him with false and malicious accusations…..They tried to ruin his life….] 8:33

"Just imagine what this andry, left-wing mob would do if they were in charge of this country….they would shut down your free speech, use the power of the law to punish their opponents….[would let in illegals in order to get votes]" [Crowd: "Build that wall!"] 8:35

[Speaks of the wall getting built….Dems won't approve it now that Trump is President…..]

"They want us divided….it's not gonna happen."

This election: about those who tried to undermine our democracy, to undermine YOU.

July 4: we'll celebrate America…..

"They came after us with 3 years with everything they had…..[compares with how they gave HRC a pass].

33000 emails deleted, just think of it!'

HRC acidwased emails: "we may find them somewhere deep in the State Dept" * 8:40

But we now have a great Atty Gen'l, so let's see what happens."

So VOTE, VOTE, VOTE on November 3rd….

"We did it once, we're gonna do it again, and this time, we're gonna finish the job."

Should be a lot easier because of [so many accomplishments–POTUS lists them]. 8:42

Got rid of the individual mandate for health insurance.

[Speaks about getting billions from China in tariffs….before, we never took 10 cents from China, which "took us for suckers. 507billion dollars."]

[Moar on low black unemployment, HRC called us deplorables AND irredeemables–that last one didn't get picked up. Big mistake, HRC!]….

About betrayals etc of the past: "We are not going back. We are going onto VICTORY!"

We have a big decision to make: the theme for the new campaign.

"Make America Great Again" or "Keep America Great."……

"So I'm gonna ask you to vote on it."

"We're not gonna lose, right? We're not gonna lose."

[Crowd cheers for both but Keep America Great wins, kek.]

We're gonna keep it greater than ever before.

[Announces his candidacy for 2020 Presidential Race.]

"I can promise you that I will never, ever let you down."

[Talks about others who are present–Names members of his family, Gov. DeSantis/wife, others–L Graham, M Rubio, Rick Scott, Matt Gaetz, etc.]

Then thanks the crowd: re Wash DC: "I'll never forget who sent me there….[points to members of the crowd] you did, you did, you did…."….

We are keeping our promises to the American people because my only special interest is YOU.

[Speaks of Sarah Sanders, "a special woman.''' She comes to the podium & speaks briefly. Crowd chants "Sarah, Sarah…". SS: "Truly the honor of a lifetime…." No one will be a stronger voice and a fiercer advocate for this President." (close paraphrase)]

"We're gonna miss her – a warrior." 9:04

[Moar on workforce accomplishments: unemployment rate of various groups, wages rising (fastest for the lowest-pd Americans), Ivanka's work, tax cuts, energy independence with clean air & water, great trade policies , withdrawal from Paris Accords, NAFTA > USMCA, new steel mills, manufacturing jobs added – "we found the Magic Wand" – criminal reform, confronting opoiod crisis (down up to 19% in some places), better health care, Right To Try, drug prices reduced, vets have VA Choice (actually saves $), VA accountability] 9:05 - 9:14

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DJT Orlando Rally 2020 campaign

Page 3, con't

Meanwhile, Dems are becoming more unhinged.

Dems on Open Borders: "reprehensible."'

"But we need you to call your Dem congressmen and Dem senators to pass legislation….to close up the loopholes, which can be done in 15 minutes."

Mass illegal migration brings in millions of low wage workers against the most vulnerable Americans…..

School children: now being threatened by the vicious gang MS-13." Now ICE is removing by the thousands.

"Mass illegal migration reduces living stds and strains public resources." If Dems had to send their kids to those schools, "they would not tolerate it for one minute." 9:17

Cali dems voted to help illegals rather than their own homeless. [Thx DeSantis for outlawing them in Fl.] …

"No one who supports sanctuary cities should be allowed to run for President of the US."….

"Dems want to end Medicare and have socialist health care."

"America will never be a Socialist country."

Dems do not oppose infanticide [paraphrase]

"Republicans believe that every life is a sacred gift from God." Wants Congress to prohibit late term abortions.

We are now respected as a country again….we are rebuilding the Armed Forces…..and creating the Space Force…..insisting foreign partners pay their fare share. ISIS Califate "obliterated 100%";

repaired our friendship with Israel; speaks of opening embassy in Jerusalem, recognizes Israel's right to the Golan Heights….support Cuba and Venezuela….

"This election is about you." 9:28

[Speaks of the future–moar Repubs elected, better trade deals, Made in the USA stuff, great health care system/lower costs for better case, moar school choice, will continue rescuing inner cities from Dem policies, expansion of opportunity zones, 1st/2nd Amendments defended, push onward with new medical frontiers/new cures, eradicating AIDS, landing astronauts on Mars, preserving American values, dignity of work upheld, faith/family as the American Way, children taught to respect American flag, living by the words of our national motto IN GOD WE TRUST.]

"Powered by these values, we won a victory 2.5 years ago."

For the children: we'll make their opportunities even better.

"We have been blessed by God with the greatest nation on the face of the Earth. And we are going to keep it that way!"

"We are going to keep on WINNING, WINNING, WINNING."'