US Market Report


A quick word on the Vanguard issue brought up by anon in pb. This is likely one of many issues the system is going to have with liquidity, namely it's own.

What you need to do is have some cash available for your expenses. Prescriptions, food, daily stuff. Do not depend on these institutions to care whether you can access your money or not

You are not going to lose your money but these places are strapped for cash so they need to shut you off so they can keep as much inside as possible.

They are playing games and you must look at it this way-they all had pardons up until January 20th, 2017 so they need to do the crimes so they can be prosecuted for doing them.

Remember the movie 'Repo Man'?…they need to go get sushi and not pay, do some crimes in other words.

Some Headlines

How The "Draghi Shock" Unleashed Chaos On Powell's Most Important Day

ECB has no choice here, what are they going to do with all the crap Douche Bank debt and 'assets'?

ContraVir’s stock plunges after seesaw week of upbeat drug studies, mistaken filings and withdrawals of withdrawals

Shares of ContraVir Pharmaceuticals Inc. plunged Tuesday, to cap off a whipsaw week for investors that included upbeat results of drug studies and SEC filings indicating the withdrawal, and the withdrawal of the withdrawal, of a share offering.

can't make up it's mind-Murdoch did something similar but with equity shares he wanted, then did not want and then wanted-moar to come from this one for sure.

Hedge Funds for Everyone: SEC Ponders Letting in the Not-So-Rich

'''If it is actually regulated and enforces the rules then this is not a bad idea, however at present this is moar a tactic to get

money from from retail as they sort of need a new source of fresh cash.'''

Stocks Near Record Highs As Xi Hope & Powell Hype Trump Global Economic Collapse

Chinese stocks missed out on today's fun (watch them catch up tonight) as they closed before Draghi rescued assets around the world and cornered Powell.

European stocks accelerated higher today after Draghi promised moarrrrr.

ZH spelled moar this way…go look for yourself.

Sending Bund yields to new record lows…And pushing yields on various European sovereign notes below 0 for the first time in history.

Sad Juncker and Merkel face inserted here.

US equities surged in the pre-open on the Draghi and Trump-Xi comments…But drifted lower after the European close with some weakness in the last 30 mins…

Nasdaq was the best performer but the S&P 500 lagged…

you shorts were warned, that is all pepe has to say about that

Treasury yields plunged on Draghi's comments and Trump's follow up, but as the day went on, rates recovered some of the drop (though the long-end notably outperformed).

Dramatically flattening the yield curve…nd 10Y traded like a penny stock after trading as low as 2.01%!!!

and it was funny to watch too-Cap#3 is long term chart.

Commodities were all higher on the day, led by oil's gains..oil up about 1%

Gold was slammed back below $1350 early on as the dollar spiked but rallied back into the green after Europe closed…

the taps in europe shut off at 11:30pm EST

WTI soared today on the heels of China trade hopes…ripping off the $52 level once again.

So, maybe The Fed should cut rates, right? Trouble is, the market already did, sending financial conditions to near record 'easy' levels.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA-still have to cut at some point

Does The Fed really want to be easing with financial conditions already so easy? If you ask stocks, yep!!

PANIC-learn it…know it…LIVE IT^DJI