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Wow! The demonrats certainly are panicked about July 4!

Seems they have been told by their shill/staff that President Trump has a big announcement to make at the July 4, Great American Independence Day, 2019, showing that their shill/staff have at least the intellectual capacity to recognize that the squiggles they see are actual English words and some have even demonstrated a parrot-level of intellect by recognizing a name that has been floated as a possible, or a decision of select criminal charges and military tribunals at GITMO, or some other wonderful announcement that will make the socialist's heads explode.

Also, President Trump seems to know that DC is NOT part of America but just a corporation, one of three so-called "city-states" - london, the vatican and wash. dc.

dc is not indicative of America, not representative of American people, not a place for an American celebration regardless of the prattle of the sub-intellect dims and rinos.

Where is a great, nay, a fantastic place to have America's July 4 Independence Day celebration? Mount Rushmore!!!

dc? Not American enough. Mount Rushmore? America all friggin' day long!