1. Blackout in Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil

2. Attacks in Gulf of Oman, while ABE is in IRAN

3. BO in Italy with Renzi, probably plotting because of Spygate

4. China, Russia, Turkey, Iran, India meeting in Kyrgyzstan

5. Successor of MAY in UK → probably Boris Johnson

6. IRAN clearing CIA agents

7. IRAN stepping down from Iran deal in 10days

8. Netanyahu wife pleads guilty

9. New elections in Israel

10. Egypt Morsi died

11. Old Vanderbilt died

12. Moldova powerhouse oligarch run from country

13. New Ukraine president coming to visit POTUS

14. Prime minister form POLAND visited POTUS

15. YEMEN houthis attacking inside of SA

16. Australia turning away from China

17. Libya cleaning near end

18. POTUS anouncing end of giving money to Honduras, Salvador, Guatemala

19. Deal with Mexiko looks good, tariffs and immigrants

20. Barr released Murkowski while in Alaska

21. Salvini fiighting CIA assets in Italy

22. Marcor/Trudeau no more fighting against POTUS

23. XI going to NK

Too many happenings WW