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Why will someone pay $91mil for a Jeff Koons rabbit?

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I'm starting to think the Jew Haters are FBI paid to be here to make us look bad.


You're not welcome

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Notable Baker

Suspected Pedo money laundering involving father of present U.S. Treasury Secretary

Came at heel of last bread.

Over-priced art work of "Bunnie" fetches $91 million $$$

Call to dig on Father of Treasury secretary?

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>I'm starting to think the Jew Haters are FBI paid to be here to make us look bad

You're probably right. Did you notice how many echoes that FBI shill posted from the NZ shooter bread?

Not sure about the money laundering. Anyone dig on the artist yet?

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>>6778439 me

This article is interesting


Rabbit is 3.5 feet tall and 33 years old. Author speculates on who would buy it and why. He was close on the amount but not who would buy it.

My theory is it's a symbolic buy similar to JK and the 666 building. Child size rabbit that is 33 should activate some almonds. If that's correct next questions would be who were patriot's keeping it from and why?

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yes, a lot has been done on Koons and Pizzagate.


Meet Jeff Koons: Artist, ICMEC "Champion for Children" and child molester


Pizzagate Exposed Artist Jeff Koons as a Pedophile Involved in Money Laundering - His 'Rabbit' Sculpture Just Sold for a Record $91 Million to the Father of Treasury Secretary Mnuchin


Jeff Koons: Perversion Art & Ties to Clintons & Missing Children & Haiti


"testimony by Koons' first wife, Ilona Staller (aka Cicciolina).

But I told the psychologist in New York that I suspected my husband was a psychopath. I walked in on him nude on the bed while our child was playing with his genitals, and I told him, “It’s not nice to do that with a child.” I certainly saw other horrible things, but I can’t tell you about them. In other words, my husband is mad as a hatter."

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Here's a better version of the images from the heel of the last i.e. previous bread