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Virginia Man Gets 20 Years for Anime Child Porn

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>And anime depictions aren't illegal.

Virginia Man Gets 20 Years for Anime Child Porn


Protecting Our Children

Virginia Man Sentenced in Landmark Obscenity Case


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Not even close to what has been posted here:

He had real CP also.

The drawings portrayed children, not adults.

They were extremely graphic portrayals of abuse.

He was sending emails to kids.

"graphic acts of child pornography"

"Two years ago, Dwight Whorley went to a local office of the Virginia Employment Commission (VEC) in Richmond, ostensibly to look for jobs online. Instead, he used the state’s computer to download and send Japanese “anime” cartoons showing graphic acts of child pornography.

Because of a 2003 federal obscenity law, that’s illegal. The law, designed to help protect children from sexual exploitation, makes it a federal crime to produce or distribute obscene drawings, cartoons, paintings, or any other visual representations involving the sexual abuse of children."

"FBI Agent Gerald Kim, who led our investigation in Richmond, said the cartoons were extremely graphic. “There was no doubt about what was being depicted,” Kim said.

The Japanese anime was just part of the case against Whorley. Our cyber experts found digital photographs of child porn on the same VEC computer. Whorley had also used it to send explicit e-mails to a young girl and for other e-mails describing the sexual abuse of children—further violations of federal obscenity laws. In the end, we were able to link Whorley to the pornography, e-mails and other evidence on the computer. He was convicted of a total of 74 counts of obscenity and child pornography."