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Dr. Sherri Tenpenny: Fauci has the COPYRIGHT on the SPIKE PROTEIN

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Meant to collect notes but instead of caught up in yesterday's interview with Dr. Sherri Tenpenny (Quite Frankly)

Mind-blowing info, got detailed notes for much of the show on Clouthub and an overview for the rest.

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Dr. Sherri Tenpenny on Quite Frankly


Quite Frankly #136

6-8-21; 2:08 but TenPenny is one for a little over an hour.


Intro @ ~28

Dr. T @ ~38

No, the covid vaccines are not true vaccines; a vax = all or part of a virus.

A not-so-hidden attempt to co-op the word "vaccine."

"It's deceptive at every level."

F - Are there any vaxxes that ARE safe and effective?

DR T - No. The whole concept is off.

Safety has never been proven. Most vax studies are stopped after 30 days.

"Effective" - another pro-vax deception. We think that means it's a synonym for "protection." But no - means the product does what it is intended to do. And this is to create an antibody. But high antibody levels do not translate into protection against infection. So language is very important here.

F - Dr Shiva said that antibodies are only one aspect - you added another layer.

Dr T - When u get a pathogen that bypasses natural defenses and it ends up in your blood, there are toll-like receptors. What they do is act like sonar - scan the environment - looking for pathogens that don't belong there. "like God on the inside of you". They take care of problems all day long.

First - body sends out cytokines to turn up the heat - u get a fever.

monocytes and other defenses show up subsequently

The LAST thing that shows up are antibodies; like a cleanup crew.

Toll-like receptors just discovered in 2011 - very new. Should have changed whole vax industry. Now they've modified them and corrupted them.

Now we inject foreign matter to get an antibody - doesn't make sense.

F - What is the extent to which mRNA affects DNA? What do these mRNA vaxxes do?

Dr T - There are 4 shots. Pfizer and Moderna inject mRNA; J&J and Astrozenica use an adenovirus w a piece inside. There are 160 in development - all make a spike protein and antibody.

P and M shot

recipe that coops body's organelles to make spike protein (SP). ribosomes translate recipe to SP. 4 bad things SP can do in P and M shots: ~46

1. can attach to organs (auto immune disease)

2. SP itself can cause damage

3. its antibody can cause damage

4. transfection - can get reinserted in dna and cause chromasomal disruption


might be that when we inject mRNA, might be able to go into the host's DNA. [more]

J&J and A: adenovirus

introduces genetic material from one species into another.

hollow outs virus and puts in it a trans-gene.

J uses human virus; A uses chimp virus.

Gets incorporated into the DNA of the host.

At the end of the day, they all make a spike protein.

And SPs are dangerous.

Salk Institute study - they created just the SP w/no virus. When injected, SP caused heart disease, heart attack, cardiac arrhythmias.

So why are we doing this?

They said we need to stop this immediately.

F - What about shedding?

Dr T - They now have a group informally called the "5 doctors"

[Tenpenny, Larry Polepski, Kari Moday (sp?), Lee Merritt, Kristin Northrup]

Looked at this idea of shedding. Started seeing bleeding disorders and other problems, have talked about online.

shedding vs transmission:

shedding is spread via live virus - u get the whole virus

covid transmission - covid is a collection of symptoms, assoc w/being w/SARS-covi-2 virus. there is no live virus. when injected, "something" seems to be able to be transmitted to another person. they don't get covid, they get all kinds of "weird symptoms", not covid [not a respiratory ailment]

a lot is unknown because they've only been doing this for SIX WEEKS.


not a patent - a copyright

So if anyone tries to look at it and identify it, that's COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT.

So it's illegal for you to take them into a lab and test them.

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Dr T on Quite Frankly, con't:

So there is something that's happening.

And now we have reports of people becoming MAGNETIZED.

Dr Delores Cahill - we need a way to test what's being put out onto the market. lots of different mRNAs.

Are they releaseing different recipes in different areas?

need to know the "lot number" for each batch of a vax.

[Infamous] Wyeth memo - batches should be dispersed to different areas so no one will know if there is a bad batch. [this is immoral]

Now we have the magnetic problem. What is THAT??

We don't have any proof of what they are doing.

Does look like there's an effort to make it hard to say when people have symptoms, "see, it's due to the shot." ~1:05

Antibody can interact to cause an auto-immune reaction with 28 different tissue types. Makes is REALLY hard to connect symptoms with the shot.

Summary of remaining material:

(more abbreviated)

- there are both short- vs long-term reactions; says what we don't yet know about them

- come fall, they want to give people flu shots - will be really bad for people w/covid. antibody dependent enhancement. in animal studies, when they re exposed them to wild virus, ALL the animals died.

- what about virus regret - can vax effects be mitigated? what can be done?

"Not much." No tech so far that can help. Accept responsibility; put faith & trust in God for whatever healing is possible [she is serious about this]

- ethics surrounding covid

Both think it looks like a recipe for MASS DEPOPULATION.

Many MDs are looking at this.

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