StopHate Releases RIVETING 37 Minute Video Documentary on Jan. 6 Protests — What Really Happened? Why Did Police Start Shooting? with EXCLUSIVE FOOTAGE of Police Pushing Protester Off of 2-Story Ledge

By Jim Hoft

Published June 6, 2021 at 6:40pm released their outstanding documentary on the Jan. 6 Protest and March in Washington DC.

The film combines numerous clips including video of:

** The unprepared and understaffed Capitol Police.

** Four skinny police officers blocking a march of over 100,000 patriots from passing through their bike rack barrier on way to the US Capitol.

** Open doors and open hallways inside the US Capitol.

** Police firing gas canisters and sound grenades on the massive Trump crowd without warning.

** Music blaring from cars set up to agitate the protesters.

** Capitol Police pushing a Trump supporter off of a two-story wall — Severely injuring him.

We are not supposed to say this but in our opinion, it is clear from the footage that those behind this operation were hoping for more bloodshed. (I am not talking about the Trump supporters.)

The Capitol Police were pawns in this horrible event.

Where was the backup?

Where were the warnings before the police opened fire?

For the Record: Although much of the video is familiar we cannon vouch for all of the videos in the project.

Direct doc url here:

Righting History:

The Journalistic Battle of January 6th

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