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45 talking points per anons

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The flags behind GEOPOTUS all have 2 ropes, except one which only has one rope.

9 flags…. 18

17 ropes.

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4 NC flags

5 US flags

POTUS 45!!!

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"Bad things are happening and you'll be seeing what is going on like never before…"

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Ted Budd now House, endorsed for the Senate by 45

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#BREAKING: President Trump endorses Congressman Ted Budd for U.S. Senate in North Carolina. Trump says Budd has his "complete and total endorsement."

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Rep. Ted Budd - North Carolina District 13

Campaign Committee & Leadership PAC Combined


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For those wondering who the fellow was that Trump called out as the new Lt Governor of North Carolina …

This is Mark Robinson.

Anyone ‘member this guy? Cuz I ‘member him, and his EPIC mic drop concerning the 2nd amendment to the Greensboro City Council. This speech is straight 🔥, and I highly recommend you watch if you haven’t seen it.

Knowing that this dude is in the wings when Cooper gets his comeuppance makes me possess the largest perma-grin imaginable.

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NC 12th state in union

One of the original 13.

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China Virus, Call it Right, China Virus

Click to try to play this video on Invidio.us, if it still exists on YouTube!

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Here ya go.

Mark Robinson on 2A to the Greensboro City Council.

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Trump:China must pay, they must pay

we must immediately institute a 100% tariff on all goods made in China

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all countries collectively cancel all debt to China as a start to the 10 Trillion dollar restitution

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just highlight the URL / link






>gop pentagram[s]


TRUMP taken The FIGHT TO (((their FACES / MSM)))

- "Combat Tactics, Mr Ryan." !o7

OLD GUARD ?? < == > The Great Deceiver(s)

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NC 12th state in union

>One of the original 13. >>60139

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Notice how when Trump touts the vaccine, he ALWAYS mentions time frame.

This is very important to note…If it wasn’t for Operation Warpspeed, then we would NOT be re-opening at the rate we are. We would be in an eternal lockdown. 5/10 years or more, that was the plan for The Great Reset. Not to mention, it would be ABSOLUTELY MANDATORY FOR EVERYONE. We got ahead of their EVIL plans for MASSIVE death, and depopulation.

Operation Warpspeed made sure that it was an FDA Emergency use authorization WHILE Trump was still President, thus ensuring it would NOT be mandatory when he left. That’s why he says “We saved so many lives”…He HAS to continue to tow the vaccine line. Optics!

It’s actually pretty damn BRILLIANT…Think about it.

Sauce: https://t.me/qanonofficial/5467


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No soldiers lost in Afghanistan since Jan of last year

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75 million+++

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there's your air Q

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They may allow me back in two years!

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Actions speak loader than words

Where's Durham?

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I'm the one trying to save American Democracy