Fauci the Megalomaniac: When Power Decides the Truth


Since early 2020, Americans have made huge sacrifices – all for the greater good.

They have seen hundreds of thousands of loved ones die. Their businesses were closed. They couldn’t make rent. Their children missed out on childhood. High school athletics were paused and rites of passage like prom were cancelled.

All at the direction of Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Schools were closed with his blessing. His directions influenced decisions on lockdowns and nearly everything else. He took note of those who didn’t follow his guidance and attacked them in the media. He slammed President Trump’s predictions on reopening the country. He criticized the Trump administration’s COVID-19 response days before the 2020 election. He complimented China – and then criticized President Trump for not putting China’s “feet to the fire.” He rebuked Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for wanting to open schools.

This little doctor was, in his own way, running his own kingdom. He pulled the strings and he enjoyed it. He reveled in it. He made himself a media darling. Fauci the savvy self-promoter, putting himself out there as the humble expert who would tell America the truth. The little doctor who could.

He was on magazine covers and was named Time Magazine’s Guardian of the Year. Fauci was so effective that (despite being the highest paid federal employee) he was awarded a prestigious $1 million prize for “speaking truth to power” during the COVID-19 crisis. ....