>>58960 pb Airbnb, Inc. sold by co-founder/Chief Strategy Officer: $119.65m-May 17,27

Airbnb, Inc. sold by co-founder/Chief Product Officer: $248.99m-June 1

Joe Gebbia cofounded peer-to-peer room and home rental company Airbnb with Brian Chesky and Nathan Blecharczyk in 2008. Gebbia and Chesky met in college at Rhode Island School of Design. Before becoming chief product officer of Airbnb, Gebbia initially wanted to pursue fine art painting and host gallery shows in New York City. Airbnb was supposed to go public possibly in 2020; instead it raised $2 billion in April 2020 half of it debt to help it stay afloat. More than 500 million people have used Airbnb, which operates in over 100,000 cities in 191 countries.



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SLED charges ex-Airbnb operator after hidden camera found in Aiken rental units

A 67-year-old former operator of short-term rental Airbnb units in Aiken County has been arrested by State Law Enforcement Division agents on a voyeurism charge after police said he secretly videoed a woman in a bedroom.

Three civil lawsuits filed earlier in Aiken County against the rental operator, Rhett Riviere, allege he had spy cameras in rental unit rooms and violated the privacy of the women. Those lawsuits are still pending, according to Aiken County court records.

In Aiken Thursday, Riviere was released on a $5,000 recognizance bond on the criminal charge, meaning he posted no money but pledged to show up at future court appearances or forfeit $5,000.