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CM:What we now know:

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Who printed the mail in ballots?

Who sent out the mail-in ballots?

What happened to the mail-in ballots that were RETURNED TO SENDER???

Were returned ballots ultimately used?

If so, who used them?

Are you a voter?

You need to start calling around and asking questions.

Here are some starter questions that you should know the answers to:

Who processes my voter registration?

Who stores my vote and who has access to my voting history on the database?

Who prints the ballots?

Who mails them?

Who receives them?

Who are they tied to?

Who funds who?


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They are refusing to meet with the Senate for the hearing on Tuesday and they are doing a press conference on Monday.

They don’t have logic, proof, the law, or God on their side, so now they will focus all their efforts on trying to discredit the audit and auditors.

They are panicked because they know what the auditors likely already have.

Like a cornered dog, they lash out.

If the election was held honestly, why are they fighting so hard to stop the audit?

We must stand up against their lies.

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What we now know:

Runbeck printed mail-in ballots.

Runbeck gave mail-in ballots to USPS to deliver.

Runbeck received mail-in ballots.

Runbeck sorted received ballots - 40k per hour.

Runbeck has been partnered with Dominion.

Runbeck has been partnered with Maricopa County.

Runbeck was allegedly caught sending pallets of fake ballots to Fulton County, Georgia.

Runbeck was allegedly caught printing ballots with a ~30% error rate for Tarrant County, Texas.