>>47697 pb Federal Reserve Bank of New York Reverse Repo(s) April 8-23: $625.35B

>>49822 pb FRBNY Reverse Repo Operations April 26-30: $766.523B

Federal Reserve Bank of New York Reverse Repo operations week of May 2nd, 2021-$757.09b

Adding this amount ($757.09b) to the previous ones get us a total of: $2.148 trillion worth of t notes pushed back onto the market by the FRBNY since April 8th.

Please see the original link (47697) for background on how this process werks (and won't soon) the counterparties will eventually lose this battle as they need to participate in this or lose status as a FRBNY counterparty or primary dealer. The FRBNY knows this so they will keep piling this shit on until the counterparties 'run out of cash' and then have to start dumping assets into the market at any price to keep this going.

Links on who is who are in the pb first link.

Deets on Reverse Repo for the last week

May 3-$129.72b with 26 counterparties

May 4-$147.80b with 30 counterparties

May 5-$162.80b with 29 counterparties

May 6-$154.92b with 20 counterparties

May 7-$161.85b with 28 counterparties