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Gen. McInerney Twat "Speculation On the Maricopa Audit" /anon thoughts on/connecting dots

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Speculation On the Maricopa Audit

AZ Vice Chair Pam Kirby's tweet tonight (several posts prior ⬆️ ) is very telling. Kirby said the Maricopa Board of Supervisors should assume the auditors have what they need. Her comments suggest that the Senate's requests are merely an opportunity for the Board of Supervisors to get on the right side of this issue.

Somehow, they got the information they needed. Now, they're offering the Board of Supervisors one last chance. One last chance for what? To avoid criminal prosecution?

The Board of Supervisors doesn't want to disclose any more information. That's why they had sheriff Penzone write his letter about the routers. But if the Board doesn't provide the items mentioned in the subpoena, they face legal problems.

The auditors and the Senate are in the driver's seat. They don't need the passwords. They know why the county doesn't have them. The County admitted that Dominion serves as the admin for the equipment.

If, as Kirby's tweet impies, they have the information they were looking for, then they don't need the routers, either.

The requests for passwords and routers are for the sake of optics. They want the public to know the Board of Supervisors was given an opportunity to come clean. (Notice that the requests and replies are immediately made public.)

Continued attempts by the Board of Supervisors to hide election data, the media's attempts to discredit the audit, and the DOJ's threat to interfere in the audit all point to the Senate being in control of the process.

Judging by the tone and content of messaging by the Senate leadership, it seems they already have enough information to know the likely outcome of the audit.


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Election Fraud - The People Involved

Mark Zuckerberg

Jack Dorsey

Susan Wojcicki

Bill Gates

Dr. Anthony Fauci

Mike Pence

Bill Barr

Mark Esper

Chris Krebs

George Soros

Hilary Clinton

Barack Obama

Chief Justice Roberts

Mitch McConnell

Nancy Pelosi

Eric Coomer

Brian Kemp

Brad Raffensperger

Gabriel Sterling

Gretchen Whitmer

Jocelyn Benson

Crime committed: Treason

Penalty if convicted: Death by firing squad

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Maricopa Co Rabbit Hole


The current sheriff of Maricopa Co is Paul Penzone; the former was Joe Arpaio, whom he beat in 2016 (JA served for 24 years).

Paul Penzone

My statement on the Senate Republican Caucus’ audit -


AZGOP 1st Vice Chair Pam Kirby finds it interesting that Penzone is commenting on the audit:

Pam Kirby

So for those outside of @maricopacountyz -> @Penzone4sheriff is the dem sheriff for the county. Why he is weighing in at this point is certainly interesting. @ArizonaAudit


Gen'l McInerney

says Pam Kirby indicates that auditors have everything they need; also that Board of Sup. doesn't want to disclose more info, so is having Penzone write his letter about the routers.

see >>51719



is also talking about the routers:


IF Hammer and Scorecard was used in Maricopa County, you would likely find that proof in the router


They sure do seem to be trying hard to prevent audits of the routers. I wonder why?

CM's also talks about Soros-sponsored Sheriff Pezone:


Did someone call in a TWO MILLION DOLLAR FAVOR owed to them by Sheriff Paul Penzone?