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SAM320 USAF C-40B on descent back at JBA after a quick ground stop at MacDill AFB

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C-17 Globemasters out of Amari Air Base Tallinn, Estonia-5 of them south and southwest

RCH701 702 703 704 708

701 and 702 heading to Ramstein AFB

The Ämari Air Base as an Air Force unit was founded on 15 May 1997. Up until 2004 the airbase also housed a conscript training facility, but today the base is only staffed with active servicemen and civilian employees.

In 2008–2012 the Ämari Air Base faced a major overhaul of the obsolete base infrastructure. The construction works were carried out in order to link Ämari into the NATO collective air defence system. Starting from 1 May 2014, NATO’s air policing fighter detachment is based at Ämari.

On 30 April 2015, the Estonian Civil Aviation Administration as a national supervisory body awarded the certificate of an air navigation service provider to the Ämari Air Base, in compliance with respective national air regulations.


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Make that 8

706 700 and 710 also out of Amari