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friday planefaggory

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SAM349 USAF G5 on ground at Miami Int'l from JBA depart

SAM282 USAF G5 nw from JBA depart

This is the 'ghost' AF2 AC from 0322-where we had two AF2 call signs...one on 'dis and one on Kneepads' 757 to Jacksonville. FL

Also used as AF2 when Kneepads had an AC issue at Los Angeles Int'l and had to have this AC flown out overnight to replace the 757 on the trip to Denver

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EXEC1F (Flauxtus) USAF C-40B State Dept AC departed JBA sw

Not sure where dis is going yet but will let ya know

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SAM377 USAF G5 inbound from Berlin-Schonefeld Airport after an overnight-departed JBA yesterday

KC-135 tanker party heading ne from Bangor, ME

MAINE88 85 61-0318 63-8035

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EXEC1F USAF C-40B froze here so it's Charleston, SC or Savannah GA

Can't find nuffin on a visit here

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just in time

CAKE37 US Navy E-6B Mercury departed March AFB, CA after arriving on 0504

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SAM282 USAF G5 on approach for Eppley Field, Omaha NE from JBA

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>>51371 pb

SAM356 USAF G5 KAF AC departed MacDill AFB after an overnight

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SAM349 USAF G5 departing Miami Int'l after a ground stop

GTMO845 US Navy Beech Huron on approach for Homestead ARB