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>>50320 pb

SAM356 USAF G5 KAF AC of interdast finally updated on ground at Panama Pacifico Airport

Guardian drones flown outta here-but not visible for some time

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82-8000 USAF 747 departed Norfolk Int'l after such a long hard day for Not AF1 Joe and Flauxtus

Two US Coast Guard Jayhawks C6204 and C6040 also visible

and dat's it for Not AF1 Joe today...nuffin else on the published schedule othen than arriving at JBA and WH


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>>50375 pb

SAM372 G5 departed Langley, AFB and arrived at Eglin AFB 'bout 20 minutes ago or so

This AC was at Langley the same time that Not AF1 Joe up da road at Newport News Int'l and then down to Norfolk Int'l

RCH595T C-17 Globey departed Travis AFB, CA east after an arrival of 0430 heading to DOVER

>>50305 pb

SAM258 on the ground at Peterson AFB

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>>50416, >>50423

SAM372 USAF G5 departed Tyndall AFB (or near it) coverage not great here ne after a quick ground stop

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SAM372 USAF G5 departed Tyndall AFB moar likely than Eglin ne and on descent for JBA

FORGE94 US Army G5 departed Frank Gabreski/Stanley Airport east Long Island after a ground stop-prior stop at Burlington, VT

Mr. Gabreski has a berry interdasting past.

On July 5th, 1944 Francis Gabreski shot down his 28th German plane. With the victory, Gabreski became America’s leading ace in Europe and the country’s newest celebrity. The War Department, eager to take advantage of his newfound notoriety, immediately made arrangements to have the pilot shipped home so he could help sell war bonds. Just as Gabreski was about to leave, however, he decided to fly one more mission. The final flight turned disastrous when his plane crashed near Koblenz, Germany and the Nazis captured him. Gabreski soon realized that the Americans weren’t the only ones anticipating his arrival. “We’ve been expecting you for a long time,” a Nazi interrogator told him, as he handed Gabreski a copy of a military newspaper that documented the pilot’s historic 28th kill.


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so nao a leetle more context for Billy 's AC with the three short ground stops at Indio, (Thermal) Ca on 0424,

Flagstaff, AZ the very next day 0425 and

Phoenix, AZ Der Valley on 0427

All back to Seattle Boeing Field

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SAM258 USAF G5 departed Peterson AFB se after a ground stop

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How about an eben dozen USAF DC-10 extenders

6 over SD/ND border heading ne and the other 6 over eastern ND heading west

Don't see this every day

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Coupla buffs from Minot visible nao

The lead group has frozen (coverage sucks here)

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HURA21 USAF E-4B Nightwatch departed Dyess AFB, Abilene east and going around some weather at present