Covid-10 UNLOCKED: Is the cure worse than the disease worse than the cure?

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Wonder how long this will last on YT....

Dr. John Lee - UK pathologist

Pathology: the study of disease

First, do not harm.

hasn't been followed w/covid.

No a virulent disease. Said 3.5% of people would die - huge overestimate.

Most deaths are in people who are elderly and have comorbidities.

Health services never collapsed.

Not clinically diagnosable disease - must use a test, which must be accurate.

Lockdowns had previously been rejected as a means of dealing with pandemics.

Justification this time: there is asymptomatic spread. (Lee doesn't agree)

PCR - multiplies what's there by a huge number.

"excess deaths" -if they exist, they are mostly from lockdown not covid. (heart disease, etc)

Problem with the info given:

- Nos often given without context

- what's cause and what's effect? (can't tell)

- no cost/benefit analysis

Politicies based on the "precautionary principle" (projections) and worst cases scenarios.