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mariachi planefag updates

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>>50280 pb

SAM207 USAF C-40B on final approach for Bragg after a MacDill AFB depart

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Moar JBA departs

SAM258 USAF G5 departed west to Peterson AFB most likely

SAM372 USAF G5 south and on desent for Spooktown, VA with FORGE63 G5 US Army out behind it

FORGE94 US Army G5 north from JBA

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>>50280 pb

BOXER40 USAF C-40C heading for Guatemala City from JBA

SAM356 USAF G5 continues se after rounding Cuba from it's MacDill AFB depart

Can't find anything about Kneepads trip other than "supposed to happen in June"

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doesn't 'splain Billy's plane there d'oh

April 27th

The AC doesn't necessarily have to fly over the Audit site as it's picking up signals and ya don't gotta be right over it to do that.

Mebby it's bullshit but as mentioned above Billy's known to be personal AC was dere too.

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>>50249 pb

82-8000 USAF 747 departed Newport News Int'l for Norfolk Int'l Airport

Can't take Marine One??

Wut a waste....

It's 30 miles......

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RCH789T USAF C-17 Globemaster on final approach for Ft. Campbell, KY from MCB Quantico-someone going here soon NOT AF1 Joe or Kneepads

RCH785T USAF C-17 Globemaster on final at Milwaukee Mitchell Airport from JBA depart

Dis "load"-kek for Kneepads tomorrow

Vice President Kamala Harris plans trip to Milwaukee on Tuesday


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SAM372 USAF G5 departed Langley AFB, VA after a ground stop sw