DR. Sherri Tenpenny & Dr. Lee Merritt: The medical industry has now become weaponized


Guest is Dr. Lee Merritt:

Spinal Surgeon associated with the America Assn of Physicals and Surgeons (AAPS) - one of the few medical orgs that still seems to be ethically grounded. Navy surgeon for 10 years.

Dr M: "If we don't win this, they're coming after us." We're getting flack because we're over the target.

Both agree we're living in the Ministry of Truth - 1984.

If we were so wrong, why would they bother?

Dr M: started by talking about the mask mandate. Charged with not knowing about the "science of masks." Not right for children or contagion control. They're about HUMAN CONTROL.

Thinks it's all to get to the vaccine.

Dr TP agrees. Vax - over 3000 deaths now. Became aware of what's up about 2009 - re mandating any medical treatment. MDs were taught about vaxxes at the time of smallpox and polio. Then she looked at flu vaxxes - bad news. That woke her up.

Gulf War syndrome - caused by squalene in vaxxes. bad side effects. took it out but then put it back it, not ethical - We now have a pharmaceutical cabal.

Dr TP: Why are doctors willing to question anything?

Dr M: There's a reason we got here. Obamacare corralled doctors into a pen. Accountable Care Act have bought out MD practices, so very few MDs are independent now. Tony Fauci - key to this whole thing. He's the DS's biggest asset.

$ from Gates was funnelled into NIH thru Fauci. F funded Wuhan lab too. One person controls a lot. "Got a rolodex and a long arm." 3 tiers of MDs: admin, practitioners, MDs in training. Practitioners are doctors who work for hospitals. If they speak, they will lose their job. But - they don't get a pass anymore, not morally exempt at this point.

HCL - we stifled the ability to save people from viral disease and it was stifled/suppressed from the 1970s.

German doctors in WWII - morally corrupt. Hung for crimes against humanity. Titular head of death camp experimentation. Not a bad guy, she says, but that was his position. MDs today are in the same position when patients are given experimental vaxxes wo/informed consent.

Nazi MDs were just like us - but didn't get off the bus when they should have. Went over the cliff.

Dr TP: These shots are "a well-designed killing machine."

24 mechanisms of harm. The proteins being injected are now being SHED - and getting out into the environment.

Dr M: This war started 25 years ago, even more. ][A certain perspective] is needed to prop up a totalitarian takeover. Notion fed to young doctors: only medical establishment is worthwhile, needs 30 years double-blind trials to support anything. New doctors no longer value clinical experience. They were brainwashed. Modeling was sold as the way to go, too. We should accept truth from authority. German Prussian education system.

Pejorative terms used to denirate those who won't knuckle under - "anti-vaxxer", "conspiracy theorist", "McCarthyite". Next they'll start picking off people individually.

Talked to Judy Mikovits about shedding. She think the problem is not not so much the mNRA - it's the reactivation of latent viruses within our own bodies. Dr M doesn't know whether she agrees but it's interesting.

Peer review system - no longer works. Looked at brain bleeds and the vaxxes. There seem to be bleeding problems associated with the covid vaxxes. But hard to get it out in journals.

Dr TP: Peer review is a scam. Too many good studies get turned down. Story: somebody submitted a good study which was accepted - subbed out the word drug with "herb" - rejected. Told her all she needed to know. Problems with clots, block brain flow - when blocked, very painful. All the shots cause this. Incidence is extraordinarily high. Relates to Guillain-Barre.

Flu shots and Guillain-Barre - Dr M thinks there's a link. Covid shots seem to cause those symptoms too. One of the VAERS goals - to detect new, unusual, rare events after the vax. Why don't the MDs see this? Gives credit to Michael Yeadon for saying "they're trying to kill us." started out with science, now they're seeing the MOTIVE.

Are the [top] doctors just wrong about everything? NO. Got to know. Not innocent mistakes.

She's done research on thalidomide, how it got used. Why not detected. Some did. Spectrum of disorders, but only noticed by clinical observation. You need to read the actual cases, not just look at numbers. Dr TP tells the story of an MD noticing a problem with flu shots (w/mercury or phenol) and complications w/kidney disease - fellow doctors weren't interested.

Dr M: Study on younger people in military, effect of flu shots: these had a 36% increased chance of acquiring corona virus (NOT covid-19 but ordinary corona). Nobody disrecommended flu shots - very bad. But CDC slowed down on recommending flu shots for a while.

Dr TP: gave a talk on problems with flu shots. Older nurse saw more deaths after flu shots. Last words?

Dr M: website: themedicalrebel.com

This problem could go away if we just got on with our lives. We've just entered the age of viral weapons. You'll be vaccinated to death if you let them do this. We have to fight back.