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Spyz in the skyz?

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82-8000 USAF 747 departed JBA for Newport News Int'l, VA

N22PP Nat Park Police heading back to Eagle's Nest from JBA patrol

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BOXER40 USAF C-40C sw fro JBA

NIGHT76 USAF E-4B Nightwatch sw from Wright-Patterson AFB

RCH792T USAF C-17 Globemaster se from JB Lewis-McChord, WA

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82-8000 USAF 747 on final approach at Newport News Int'l from JBA depart

US Coast Guard C2064 Jayhawk on station for arrival

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Spy Plane Identified Circling the Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum Where the Election Audit Is Taking Place – What’s Going On?

Sunday morning we were alerted to the fact that a plane was circling around the Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum last week. We received only the picture above. We followed up and found more information on this plane and additional information on other events where a plane circled the sky in a similar fashion. One such incident was in San Bernadino after the shooting spree by Islamic terrorists Farook and Malik.

But we looked further into this flight above in Arizona and found the plane used was owned by the City of Phoenix: cap #2

We also learned that PC-12’s were used in Afghanistan. An article in Stars and Stripes discussed the PC-12’significance to Intel gathering there: When the wing was created some six years ago, this type of real-time intelligence was a pipe-dream to Afghanistan’s nascent national security forces. Now, its 450-man crew is responsible for 17 PC-12 single-engine turboprops, along with 30 Russian-built Mil Mi-17 transport helicopters, equipped with machine guns and rockets and fitted with Kevlar armor plating.

And we also uncovered that the PC-12 in Phoenix is owned by the Police Department:We could determine that the bird that circled Phoenix near the Coliseum was the Police bird because it took off from Deer Valley Airport, where the police air support is located.

(and the same airport where Gates Foundation AC N887WM appeared on 0427 for a few hours and then back to Seattle-cap#3)

We then found out that there appears to have been several days of activity in and near the Arizona Coliseum by the police department using multiple aircraft. CD Media picked up on this story and published a piece Sunday evening


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BOXER40 USAF C-40C heading to Mexico (advanced team for Kneepads visit to Mexico looks like)

....meeting on May 7th with Mexican president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador to discuss his plans to address the “root causes” of migration from Central America.


NIGHT76 USAF E-4B Nightwatch arriving at Dyess AFB from Wright-Patterson AFB

RCH792T C-17 Globemaster on final approach for MCB Quantico fro JB Lewis-McChord depart earlier today

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>>50075 pb

SAM356 USAF G5 KAF AC of interdast departed MacDill AFB after an overnight and also heading south-this one prolly heading to Guatemala

SAM207 USAF C-40B State Dept AC departed MacDill AFB after an overnight

BOXER40 continues sw from JBA depart