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MIS: an extreme immune response to COVID-19

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more McInerney, this time on babies dying of covid in Brazil. From one of several articles:

The rare syndrome, believed to be an extreme immune response to COVID-19, can cause inflammation of vital organs and usually affects children up to 6 weeks old, experts told the BBC. Marinho said the diagnosis for many of those children often come too late for doctors to save their lives.


Gen M points to the BBC version, with this comment:

it has started....


why babies?

why now?

why Brazil?

related to jabs?

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This is an extreme immune response to the virus, which can cause inflammation of vital organs.

Experts say the syndrome, which affects children up to six weeks after they are infected with coronavirus, is rare, but leading epidemiologist Dr Fatima Marinho from the University of São Paolo, says that, during the pandemic, she is seeing more cases of MIS than ever before. Although it doesn't account for all deaths.


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If you go to his Twitter account you will see that he's found information to suggest that having an immune response to the "spike protein" does not seem to be as protective as having an immune response to other parts of the "virus". If that's the case what was the reason they chose this antigen? (link: https://twitter.com/AlexBerenson/status/1388576508189544448 )

The linked thread indicates that the spike protein by itself can damage blood vessels. It would have been nice had vaccine researchers and developers paid attention to this prior to the rushed vaccination of millions upon millions of people.