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VMBA Blue Angels Fat Albert C-130 Hercules departed Corpus Christi, TX after Wings Over South Texas Airshow and back to Home base of Pensacola, FL

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0 USAF DC-10 Extender over Zero Not AF1 Joe on it's third loop.

Tanker shift change-and this one should only habs another 45 (or so) minutes according to the schedule.

Still no idea why a tanker is being used (it's S.O.P.) however there is no AC at New Castle County for Not AF1 Joe..

I suppose they could jump in a C-130 as the Delaware ANG are stationed at New Castle.

No 757 or 747 located 'dere

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0 USAF DC-10 Extender back to McGuire AFB, NJ from Not AF1 Joe dooty

as a reminder Not AF1 Joe and Fauxtus go to Spooktown (Yorktown), VA tomorrow