BIDEN's destruction of America


Day 98


3612. NY Judge rules Trump Ordered to Testify in Alleged Assault Trial Over 2015 Protest

3613. 34 Senate Dems want Biden to raise refuge cap to 62,500, Trump limited it to 15,000

3614. Mike Pompeo: While I was briefing Trump, Kerry was briefing Iran

3615. US pledges $300mn to fund massive global anti-China media machine

3616. Unmanned helicopter crashes into US Navy ship USS Charleston, damaging hull

3617. Children as young as 6 months old now in COVID-19 vaccine trials

3618. Lobby group says FB approves alcohol, vaping, gambling & dating ads targeting teens

3619. Russian Government to Soon Present List of Unfriendly Countries

3620. DoE will release $8.25B to improve the grid's ability to carry renewable energy

3621. Biden administration announces new operation to crack down on human smuggling

3622. Hunter Biden to be guest speaker for Tulane course on 'media polarization'

3623. CNN confirms that 189 Democrats out of 219 in the House have been vaccinated

3624. CNN confirms that 53 Republicans out of 211 in the House have been vaccinated

3625. After nearly 5 decades in politics, Biden's list of allies are mostly White and male

3626. Stephen Miller's New Legal Outfit Argues Biden Policy Is Racist—Against White People

3627. Universal pre-K: Biden set to announce $200B in funding in sweeping new proposal

3628. Female reporters upset with WH 7pm press conferences, making working moms job harder

3629. Biden confirms fully vaccinated people can go maskless outside - but not in crowds

3630. Liberal push to expand Supreme Court is all but dead among Hill Democrats

3631. Senator Warren also believes that "Childcare is infrastructure"

3632. Florida Senate Passes Bill Limiting Ballots by Mail and Drop Boxes

3633. Some Sex Offenders Released From Jail Across the Country Due to Pandemic

3634. BLM leader's jail reform group reportedly spent $26K at luxury resort

3635. School won't employ vaccinated teachers and argues shots are in 'experimental' stage

3636. Trump discussing the possibility of resuming "Make America Great Again" rallies

3637. White House press briefing interrupted by mysterious noise by Reporter Jake Dima

3638. FISA court signs off on warrantless surveillance despite FBI’s widespread violations

3639. China imposes strict anti-espionage measures on Five Eyes nations

3640. Biden may nearly double taxes on capital gains for people earning more than $1M

3641. Biden may eliminate tax for wealthy heirs who sell assets that have gained value

3642. Biden may force IRS to bring in more money from wealthy Americans who evade taxes

3643. Biden may raise the top marginal income tax rate to 39.6% from 37%

3644. Senate approves Biden nominees, Ron Stroman and Amber McReynolds to USPS board

3645. Biden to push trillions in investment, plead for police reform in Congress speech

3646. Biden administration expected to announce plan to ban menthol cigarettes

3647. POLL: USA's popularity among its allies has surged since Biden became president

3648. House rules require wearing a mask in the chamber, but that won't apply to Biden

3649. Making history, a pair of women to be seated on the rostrum, wearing face masks

3650. Biden to address January 6 insurgence at Capitol building during meeting at Congress

3651. Biden to push infrastructure, family, green jobs plan at congressional meeting

3652. No designated survivor chosen for Biden's joint address to Congress

3653. Biden's first address to Congress, set to begin at 9 pm, 98 days into his tenure

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