US Pushing Japan's PM Suga To Issue Joint Taiwan Statement With Biden

On Friday Joe Biden will for the first time host a foreign leader at the White House and the stakes couldn't be higher, given he's reportedly urging Japan’s prime minister Yoshihide Suga to come out publicly and more forcefully alongside the United States in full support of Taiwan against what's seen as hostile Chinese encroachment on the democratic island. "Biden… is asking for a more explicit and public posture, in contrast to the private tough line we hear from Tokyo," a regional expert and head of the Japan Society Joshua Walker observes.

A bombshell new report in FT details that Biden will seek Japan's cooperation in a joint statement which shines light on "rising Chinese aggression in the Indo-Pacific region" at a moment Tokyo is among other regional US allies attempting to ward off expansive Chinese territorial claims. In Japan's case it's currently attempting to warn off Beijing from the Senkaku Islands, which is poised to escalate dramatically at any moment, given the Tokyo government just authorized its Coast Guard to be able to use deadly force should incidents with Chinese fishing vessels become threatening.