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US Embassy Head of Security Found Dead in Nairobi Hotel

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US Embassy Head of Security Found Dead in Nairobi Hotel


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US Embassy official's body found hanging in Nairobi hotel


Nairobi is the capital and the largest city of Kenya…

A body of a senior officer at the US Embassy in Nairobi was found Wednesday in his hotel room in what Kenyan officials believe to be a suicide, according to a report.

Police and witnesses said the body of the unidentified officer was found in the hotel near the Village Market after he failed to report to work, the Star reported.

Witnesses said he apparently used a belt, according to the local outlet.

“The body was found hanging near the room window. He seemed to have died long before security arrived there,” a police officer who was at the scene told the paper.

A suicide note found near the bed will be investigated.

Embassy officials checked on him after he failed to show up for work to relieve a colleague and didn’t answer his cellphone, according to the Star.

The Village Market is a large shopping, recreation and entertainment complex in Nairobi.


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