>>13025852, >>13026060, >>13026274, >>13025907, >>13026036, >>13026346, >>13026341, >>13026558, Biden AG pick Merrick Garland says #Antifa attacks on federal courthouse may not be domestic terrorism because they happened at night

>>13026257 Merrick Garland Was Asked If Biological Males Should Compete In Women’s Sports. Here’s How He Responded

>>13026499 Merrick Garland Won’t Promise to Protect Durham Investigation

>>13025862, >>13025907, Illegal entry at America's border, should remain a crime? Avoiding the question Attorney General-nominee Merrick Garland: "I haven't thought about that question. I just haven't thought about that question."(Vid cap) 6:03 mins

>>13025924, >>13026004 FAKE NEWS Psaki Blames Trump, Lies About Vaccine Plan (VIDEO) Yet All cases have been plummeting in 50 states for the past three months, the virus is rapidly disappearing

>>13025928 Pope's visit to put Iraqi ziggurat back on tourist map, santanic verses for everyone? Big demonic turnout expected

>>13025950 Google's loss of income and idol treats

>>13025959 Insanity on Stilts: Iraqi Official Claims ‘Trumpist Sleeper Cells’ Behind Rocket Attack

>>13025970 Kyrgyz Ex-Deputy Custom Chief, Matraimov, Back in Jail

>>13025981 Former Trump Attorney Michael Cohen joined Dan Abrams on Sirius FM proving he is a corrupt loud mouth by breaking client-lawyer confidentially

>>13025995, >>13026017 UN secretary general instructs the world on their Nazi ideals of a black dominated world without whites

>>13026011 Setting the stage for a FF against DOJ judges and lawyers, CBS

>>13026028 The Video About "Q" That "60 Minutes" Doesn't Want You To Watch

>>13026083, >>13026103, >>13026104, >>13026319, >>13026146 Elon Musk Changed Twitter To Fork

>>13026089 CBS Regrets ‘Big Time’ Cancel Culture… When It Impacts Democrats

>>13026137 Murdoch son funds Dem-allied fake news while slamming conservative media 'disinformation' The fake news strategy will be delivered on a drip over time, reaching voters through targeted ads and boosted posts across Facebook.”

>>13026145, >>13026195, >>13026198. >>13026228, >>13026294, Justices Thomas, Alito and Gorsuch Blast Supreme Court’s ‘Inexplicable’ Refusal to Hear Pennsylvania Election Lawsuit

>>13026164 Rep. Charlie Crist calls for DOJ investigation into DeSantis’ vaccine distribution

>>13026179 WHO Coronavirus Report Is Such Blatant Chinese Propaganda That Even The Biden Administration Admits It

>>13026189 Psyop, Biden AG Nominee Downplays Portland Riots, Compares Capitol Riot to OKC Bombing

>>13026204 Organ harvesting (Cap)

>>13026208 German Special Forces soldiers training in Arizona mistaken for TERRORISTS after ‘bizarre’ visit to local hospital

>>13026218 SCOTUS plays Catch 22 with challenges to Pennsylvania election

>>13026231 "I Have All The Evidence On Them": MyPillow CEO Lindell Welcomes $1.3 Billion Dominion Lawsuit

>>13026238 Supreme Court denies Trump request to keep tax records private

>>13026248 Blinken Welcomes EU Decision to Sanction Russia Over Navalny Situation

>>13026260 Great Awakening hinges on anything SCOTUS does

>>13026322, >>13026342, >>13026348, >>13026398, >>13026416, >>13026422, >>13026480, Wife of Joaquin 'El Chapo' Guzman arrested on charges of international drug trafficking

>>13026328 This is worldwide, Q anon hit piece in Taipei times

>>13026358 “YEAH, YOU FUCKED UP!” Hero cop rescues missing girl, 13, from motel room with man she met online

>>13026446 Arkansas state Senate approves bill banning all abortions unless mother's life is threatened

>>13026460 Gravy Train Keeps Rolling for Second Stepdaughter Ella Emhoff, Hunter Biden 2.0?

>>13026476, >>13026484, WE CAUGHT THEM: Matt Crane, Critic of TGP’s Article on Obvious Questions of the 2020 Election Results in Colorado, Was Not Forthright – Turns Out His Wife Worked for Dominion and Sequoia for Over a Decade

>>13026492 Democratic representatives Anna Eshoo and Jerry McNerny write to cable companies including AT&T and Comcast and streamers Amazon and Hulu demanding they drop Fox News, OAN and Newsmax over 'misinformation'

>>13026508 Why Is the White House Covering for Cuomo?

>>13026515 Pentagon Chief Purges Defense Boards; Trump Loyalists Out

>>13026523 John Kerry 'colluded' with Iran to undermine Trump, report says

>>13026545 Qanon in Japan

>>13026553 Chinese Government Buys Ads In Times Square Taunting Us Over COVID…

>>13026571 Microsoft forms a coalition to "combat disinformation" online. Founding members are Adobe, Arm, BBC, Intel, Microsoft, and Truepic

>>13026577 The Atlantic, A Catholic Sinner Seeks Communion—And Happens to Be President

>>13026589 How the small group of Israeli fighter pilots who command the Israel Defense Forces have monopolized U.S. military aid