Not the baker, don't think there is one, but here's a collection for this bread:


>>13026678, Matt Crane, Critic of TGP’s Article on Obvious Questions of the 2020 Election Results in Colorado – Wife Worked for Dominion and Sequoia

>>13026687, Colorado Bill Would Limit Mail-In Voting, the Country's "Gold Standard"

>>13026698, Warren Buffett Just Sold His Pfizer Stock. Why?

>>13026935, >>13026704, >>13027089, >>13027230, >>13027287, >>13027303, >>13027318, >>13027324, >>13027328, >>13027331, >>13027349, El Chapo's Wife Arrested and dig

>>13026739, 115th fighter wing airman one of two killed in a civilian plane crash in Wisconsin, was from same group that lost a pilot in F-16 crash in Michigan

>>13026741, Malcolm X's family releases letter alleging FBI, police role in his death

>>13026751, NYPD to stay out of mental health crisis calls, social workers will respond instead in Manhattan

>>13026757, Rush Limbaugh's widow announces virtual memorial service for radio legend in coming weeks

>>13026850, Chuck Grassley letter to Samantha Powers about investigating World Vision, wants to know why she protects terrorists and funds organizations

>>13026962, US treasury secretary floats idea of digital dollar maintained by the Fed

>>13026963, DJT Jr. tweet: The latest COVID "relief" plan seems to have much more Pork in it than relief

>>13026986, BREAKING: Boeing Delta flight diverted to Salt Lake City after engine issues

>>13027017, Cop Fired After Department Finds Out Shocking Intel He Allegedly Supplied to BLM Protesters

>>13027092, Biden tweet about Covid

>>13027093, Harmeet Dhillon calls out Kimberly Klacik's claim of losing because of RNC lack of support

>>13027132, >>13027164, Merrik Garland wants brief with FBI's Wray about CapitolBombing

>>13027161, Navy Will Make All Sailors Reaffirm Oath to the Constitution in Extremism Stand-Down

>>13027223, Video of Biden saying he was arrested at Capitol

>>13027265, Jill Biden about Joe: “I met him at a fundraiser for his campaign in 1972", despite earlier claim of meeting in 1975 blind date.