Cop Fired After Department Finds Out Shocking Intel He Allegedly Supplied BLM Protesters With

A Lexington, Kentucky, police officer was fired early Friday for leaking inside information about police to a Black Lives Matter protest leader.

The Lexington-Fayette Urban County Council announced that after a nine-hour hearing and two hours of deliberations it had sided with Lexington Police Chief Lawrence Weathers in his recommendation to fire officer Jervis Middleton, according to the Lexington Herald-Leader. Middleton was convicted on two of the three charges against him.

Middleton was accused of funneling information to Sarah Williams, a friend of his who was also a leader of weeks of protests over the death of Breonna Taylor. Middleton had said the information he disclosed did not jeopardize the safety of any officers.

Middleton’s “conduct during a highly stressful and potentially vulnerable time during the history of our community — the most significant policing event in our community in 20 years — demonstrates that he should no longer be a police officer,” Keith Horn, a lawyer for the city, said.

“The allegations against Officer Middleton is that he provided information that could be used to insult, intimidate and harass our officers while they were working the protests,” Weathers said.