WE CAUGHT THEM: Matt Crane, Critic of TGP’s Article on Obvious Questions of the 2020 Election Results in Colorado, Was Not Forthright – Turns Out His Wife Worked for Dominion and Sequoia for Over a Decade

What do you know? It turns out a critic of TGP’s article on the obvious questionable election results in Colorado neglected to disclose that his wife worked for Sequoia and Dominion Voting Machines for more than a decade.

We reported ten days ago on the suspect and questionable results in Colorado in the 2020 election.

One individual by the name of Matt Crane claimed to be a “strong conservative and very proud republican” in an email to top Republicans. He challenged our report but never reached out to us. He did, however, have the gall to reach out to state Republicans and disparage our report. One of those who received his email provided it to us. We responded to Crane’s email in an article yesterday.

We weren’t really sure why a ‘conservative and very proud republican’ (as Crane referred to himself) would write the email Crane sent out. We mentioned this in our post and provided in our rebuttal three things never addressed by Crane:

Well, overnight we discovered that there is more to this Matt Crane individual. He was the former Clerk and Recorder in Arapahoe County. We located support for this in various articles, even one report that mentions the woman who took his job:

Arapahoe County Clerk and Recorder Joan Lopez had no elections experience prior to being elected clerk. And it’s showing — frequently — in ways that should make every resident question her ability to fulfill her duties.

The article goes on to mention how the new Clerk and Recorder blocked individuals on Twitter:

But she didn’t just block me. At least three fellow constituents were also blocked, including former Deputy Secretary of State Suzanne Staiert and Lisa Flanagan-Crane (Lopez’s predecessor’s wife).

Ms. Lisa Flanagan-Crane, Matt Crane’s wife, claims on her Linked-In profile that she worked for Sequoia and Dominion: