Beautifully put by an attorney fren. Not my thoughts.

I’ve been thinking about the SCOTUS actions of today. I’m a lawyer. Been retired a long time but I worked at a huge international law firm for years and worked on many cases that involved extensive legal research using Supreme Court cases; even so, I do not consider myself to be an expert in constitutional law because I’ve been out of it too long. Ok, enough credentialing.

First of all I do not think that the Great Awakening hinges on anything SCOTUS does.

Second, historically SCOTUS will take the most narrow view possible in any matter. This means given half a chance the court will slither out of taking a stand.

[Also, as a footnote, I think it is a mistake to appoint academics to the high court because they have so little practical experience. Their existence is comprised of niggling argumentation. (Makes me nuts) Look at who dissented the loudest—Thomas. Not an academic. He alone truly understands the practical aspects of a corrupt election.]

Ok. Here’s what I think was Trump’s aim was with respect to all his judicial appointments: to end judicial activism and social engineering. Read: Roe v. Wade and other cases.

Yes, the judiciary is somewhat connected to Q’s messaging. But the judiciary is NOT the driver. The Q story is political. The courts should not ever be political by design of the founders. Trump was trying to move the entire judiciary back to the founding principles so as to undo many years of judicial activism. I think this part of the story is still inconclusive but even in the 9th Circuit huge positive change has happened.

Finally, I think that we make a mistake of thinking we have any idea whatsoever how this movie ends. I was stunned that Trump was not inaugurated. But looking back I am starting to think the Great Awakening hasn’t yet happened—it’s only started.

So in conclusion, I’m not surprised the SCOTUS kicked the can (but I’m with Thomas and think it was wrong to not hear the cases. I think that Kavanaugh and Barrett were put there for non-political purposes. (I think they might also be afraid of being Trump sycophants which would make them cowards if so, but we have no way of knowing that.)

The SCOTUS decisions today are going to be looked on as irrelevant after all is said and done. So, everyone, don’t be discouraged. The military is the main actor.

Think about it logically.

The only way is the military. Fully controlled.