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UN secretary general instructs the world on their Nazi ideals of a black dominated world without whites

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White supremacy constitutes a “trans-national” threat, the UN secretary general has warned.

Antonio Guterres also said racist groups had exploited the coronavirus pandemic to boost their support.

The danger was growing by the day, he told the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva on Monday.

He said: “White supremacy and neo-Nazi movements are more than domestic terror threats. They are becoming a transnational threat.

“Today, these extremist movements represent the number one internal security threat in several countries.

“Far too often, these hate groups are cheered on by people in positions of responsibility in ways that were considered unimaginable not long ago.

“We need global coordinated action to defeat this grave and growing danger.”

Mr Guterres’ comments appeared to be a jab at Donald Trump, who encouraged his supporters on the far-right on a number of occasions such as when he told the Proud Boys group to “stand back and stand by” during a presidential election debate.

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The message from the government, the media, and these ultra-government groups like the UN is that this “white supremacy” thing goes beyond FBI-run paramilitary groups, and permeates every aspect of society. It is somehow linked to “systemic racism.”

It is something akin to the schizophrenic notion of “shadow people.”

The Secretary went on to explain that the threat of “white supremacy” permeates all of Western society.

The refusal to define “white supremacy,” while also labeling it a major threat, can only mean that they want to use this term to mean whatever they want it to mean at any time. Basically, anything that white people do can now be defined as “white supremacy,” and thus be a threat.

This creates a society of paranoia, on both sides:

White people are constantly on edge, wondering if anything they do can be construed as “white supremacy”

Nonwhites are in a constant state of fear of “white supremacy” being out to get them, without understanding what specifically it is (blacks in particular will simply suppose it is anything that white people do that they don’t like, which is many, many things)

It is so transparently designed to cause endemic social decay that the only way they are managing not to be called out for it is that they control absolutely every institution of power. If they didn’t have that power, then people would be like “why are you trying to destroy society by polluting it with paranoid fantasies?”