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More on marine out front of White House

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More on marine out front of White House

Reporter asks if there is no marine outside the WH, then is the president there? Didn't really get an answer.

@6:48 https://youtu.be/c3iIYTKDD00

Just wanted to note that I watch live cam of the WH daily from am to late night since Jan 20th.

I have not seen a military person outside the front door. There is a guard that walks back and forth but does not dress or walk like a military person.

I posted earlier about the wooden valentines that were not really outside on the WH front lawn not far from the small fountain on Valentines Day, after they staged very early am c-span video with Biden, Jill and dogs. They didn't walk back into the WH, rather just down the drive that appeared to go under the WH but filming stopped before they were close to the WH.

And this past Sat, around 7pm, 3-4 people where moving large items on wheels out the WH door (could see a bit inside).

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Here's the link on the WH movement last Sat 7pm when they were wheeling things out down the ramp on the left side of WH main door