BIDEN's destruction of America

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Day 31

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547. Biden Warns Governors Minimum Wage Hike Won't Happen Even With Dems In Control

548. Kerry Says Paris Climate Accord Isn’t Enough, We Will All Die In 9 Years

549. Biden's presses fight against Omarosa, failed to file a required financial disclosure

550. Biden Comes Up with Ridiculous Excuse When Asked if He will be Visiting Texas Soon

551. Conservative Groups Launch Investigation into Dark Money: Xavier Becerra, Vanita Gupta

552. Biden Regime Prepares Way for Banks to Refuse Service to Democrats’ Enemies

553. DARPA partnering with Linux Foundation to Advance 5G and Other Emerging Technologies

554. Congress mirrors Biden: New bill to bring back deported illegals & provide citizenship

555. Biden calls a lid at 8am on Thursday while Texas could use some emergency management

556. Thanks Biden: On Friday The U.S. officially rejoined the Paris Climate Accord

557. Fauci: Israel vaccine effort model for rest of the world, after they give him an award

558. Colorado DMV Investigators Punished for Sharing Illegal Immigrants’ Info with ICE

559. Fauci now says COVID vaccine will stop spread of virus and will protect unvaccinated

560. Fauci: Trump Did ‘Terrible Things’ Whenever I Pointed Out His Mistakes

561. Biden announces end of Trump’s ‘America first’ agenda in G-7 speech

562. Biden walking back? Will not be raising minimum wage to $15 per hour

563. Biden walking back? Will not be canceling any student debt

564. Biden walking back? Will continue Trump's mass deportations (open borders continue)

565. Justice Kavanaugh paid off? $92K country club fees, $200K credit card, $1.2M mortgage

566. FLASHBACK 2013: Biden meets China's CPPCC which Influences Foreign Governments

567. EPA Approves Chemical “Air Treatment” Against COVID, Despite Known Health Hazards

568. Biden Admin may release intel report on murder of Jamal Khashoggi by Saudi agents

569. Biden Urges Passage of Equality Act to Blur Gender Identity With Sexual Orientation

570. Biden's Penatgon Chief hints at breaking Afghanistan deal: "No hasty withdrawl"

571. Biden EO affecting Texas full power generation because it violates federal air quality

572. Voters NOW believe Joe Biden is a 'puppet' of the far-left, 27% of Democrats agree

573. Biden's brother Frank parties maskless at Floyd Merryweather's birthday party

574. Feb 19th Biden admin begins allowing migrants from Mexico into the USA (25,600)

575. Pfizer to Roll Out 10M COVID Vaccines Weekly as Biden Assures Shots for All By July

576. Biden is already breaking his promise to end the US ‘forever wars’ in the Middle East

577. Biden Apologizes to Europe for Trump; Vows to Work with ‘Friend’ Angela Merkel

578. Biden Silent Over Big Tech Suspensions Because He ‘Benefits From the Censorship'

579. Biden signs executive order revoking Trump order on apprenticeship programs

580. Biden targets Trump's 'let-the-water-flow' legacy and other energy efficiency rules

581. Biden at Security Conference: “America is back,” but democracy is “under assault”

582. Biden Admin Designates Russian Ship as Helping to Build Nord Stream 2 Pipeline

583. Sen Risch disappointed by the State Department’s report on Nord Stream 2 activities

584. White House working with Facebook and Twitter to tackle anti-vaxxers