Joe Biden to Mexico: We’ll Cut Migration by Raising Migration

President Joe Biden told Mexico’s president that the United States would reduce migration by raising migration, according to a White House statement.

The January 23 White House statement said:

President [Joe Biden] outlined his plan to reduce migration by … increasing [migrant] resettlement capacity and lawful alternative immigration pathways [in the United States], improving processing at the [U.S.] border to adjudicate [migrants’] requests for asylum, and reversing the previous administration’s draconian immigration policies.

Biden told Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador that he also plans “to reduce migration by addressing its root causes.”

The statement suggests that Biden will try to reduce illegal migration into Americans’ workplaces by raising legalized migration into Americans’ workplaces.

Overall, any increase in the supply of foreign workers reduces Americans’ wages and inflates cheap-labor profits for CEOs and investors. Currently, the United States government imports roughly 1 million legal immigrants and roughly 1 million temporary workers each year, just as roughly 4 million Americans begin their work careers.

In 2019, President Donald Trump’s popular curbs on migration and illegal hiring helped raise Americans’ household income by 7 percent.

Biden and his deputies face a difficult task balancing their efforts to carefully extract more workers and consumers from Central America while also trying to prevent a chaotic migration of people seeking U.S. jobs and homes. For the moment, Biden and his progressive allies have given the task of stopping Latino migrants to the governments of Guatemala and Mexico.

The White House statement said, “the two leaders agreed to work closely to stem the flow of irregular migration to Mexico and the United States, as well as to promote development in the Northern Triangle of Central America.”

Mexico’s government provided a short and vague statement.

“We spoke with President Biden, he was kind and respectful,” the statement read. “We deal with issues related to migration, # COVID19 [Chinese coronavirus] and cooperation for development and well-being. Everything indicates that relations will be good for the good of our peoples and nations.”