You still don't get it.

DS from all countries, the Purple People (let's call them that)…(kek POTUS is the Purple People Eater)..fucked him over.


Did Biden just piss Canada the fuck off?


Did Biden just piss the UK the fuck off? KEK that "Brexit" post was HYSTERICAL..UK was spitting nails.

New Mexico (did you even listen to the vocaroo re the investigation into Marco Lopez?) did you even remember that Zorro Ranch is there?

Biden just pissed New Mexico the fuck off.

Pipefitter / oil workers union..

did Biden just piss them the fuck off?

The list goes on and on….he's pissed every neet, every nigger, every commie the fuck off.

JAYSUS people……if you could just stop Kvetching long enough to LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

Did Twatter and FB piss the fuck off leftist groups/leftists now banned?

YES…a few examples…come on people…

enjoy the damn show.

ALL Americans won't appreciate freedom of speech until ALL Americans experience what its like to not have it.