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Dirty Trick Squad

Balto, Fr. Washington (satellite, hacking, evidence planting, email changing, wiretapping)

Rod Rosenstein

Sean Bridges - SS, computer expert, crypto/bitocoin laundering

Alan Borchack(sp?) - ERF, Retired, F&F cleanup, gun running; supplied firearm for use in Seth Rich killing (later destroyed)

Joseph Rossatti - DEA; procured MS13 used in Seth Rich killing.

Kevin Dougherty - wannabe, suckup, gopher attempted to kill Jack -?

Sean Henry - FBI, Crowdstrike

Name Unknown (Gray—?) - Balto. Co. Police

Run Silent, Run Deep (remove POTUS)

John Roberts (SCOTUS, FISA)

Jeffrey Epstein

Mike Pence - Homosexual (adult and pedo; FISA)

Paul Ryan

MItt Romney

Entities, resources, etc.


Sunrise, Sunset