Law Professor Confirms Election Fraud Evidence Is “Significant” – Cases Only Dismissed on Process Grounds Not Merit

The liberal elites and fake news media are working feverishly to cover-up the BIG LIE.

Diana West wrote yesterday on how the jackal media and hyena politicians are tearing to pieces all opponents of the coup that installed the Biden-Harris gang into office.

The far-left power structure must eliminate all voices who may threaten theie BIG LIE. You are no longer allowed to question the historic fraud that installed a dementia patient and his unpopular California sidekick who refused to campaign into the White House.

But millions of Americans refuse to buy this historic lie.

Law Professor Davide K. Clements released a rebuttal video recently refuting the BIG LIE, that there was no evidence of election fraud in the 2020 election.

As The Gateway Pundit has reported for months now the fraud was extensive and historic.

Professor Clements’s video already has 121,000 views.