23 Iraqi Fighters Killed, Injured In Large ISIS Attack In Saladin

Late on January 23, 11 fighters of the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) were killed and 12 others were injured in a large ISIS attack in the northern province of Saladin.

The attack took place in Jazzerat al-‘Aith in the eastern part of the province. In a statement, the PMU said ISIS terrorists were planning to attack civilians in the region. However, the attack was foiled by its fighters.

“The terrorist attack was targeting the region’s civilians, however the heroes of the PMU were human shields to protect them,” the statement reads.

All casualties were from the PMU’s 22th Brigade. Two of the casualties were Hussein Su’aidan Kati’a, commander of the brigade’s 3rd regiments, and Saleh Majhul Ateh, deputy-commander of the 6th regiments.

Maj. Gen. Yehia Rasool, a spokesman for the Iraqi Commander-in-Chief, condemned the attack, promising that the Iraqi military will respond.

“Let the members of ISIS terrorist gang know that retribution will inevitably come, when this happens remorse will not help them,” Rasool said in a statement.

From its side, ISIS bragged about the attack in a statement shared by its news agency, Amaq. The group claimed that eight vehicles were damaged or destroyed in the attack.

The deadly terrorist attack in Saladin came amid high tensions in Iraq between pro-Iran Shiite factions and the US-led coalition.

On January 23, ISIS terrorists attacked the PMU’s 22nd Brigade in the east of Saladin province killing at least 11 PMU members. 17 ISIS terrorists were killed in clashes.

On January 23, the ‘al-Waada al-Haq’ group took responsibility for the drone attack on Riyadh.

On January 23, ISIS claimed responsibility for an IED attack that targeted an Iraqi army vehicle in the Rutbah area.

ISIS cells are taking advantage of the unrest in Iraq to step up their attacks, especially in the country’s northern and western region. The government is yet to address this threat properly.