Back to the Obama’s Failed Policies and Blinkered Personnel

Donald J. Trump has been the most consequential President in my lifetime since Ronald Reagan. Issues & Insights counts some of the ways, listing the 10 most significant.

"He slashed individual and business taxes, he forged peace in the Middle East, He created Operation Warp Speed, which “may well end up saving hundreds of thousands of lives in coming years,” he deregulated our economy, saving “the average American household an average of $3,100 a year,” he got rid of Obama’s individual mandate, he restored balance on the Supreme Court, he forced NATO to reform and in so doing “likely saved the West’s main military alliance,” he encouraged U.S. energy independence so that we are “one of the only major countries whose CO2 emissions are plunging, with output now at the lowest levels since 1984,” he reformed immigration and built more than 450 miles of wall “to control entrance to our nation," he withdrew from the Paris Climate Deal which commits only major industrial nations to shrink their economies.

An email to Glenn Reynolds measures President Trump’s achievements in yet another important way:

Trump showed that the annihilation of the American middle class was not the result of inevitable forces. Technological change and globalization are not weather or the movement of tectonic plates. The economy, and who gets what from whom, is embedded in political choices. Who pays the costs and who reaps the benefits are political choices. Who is crushed by the legal system and who benefits from it, and who is insulated from it, are also political choices. Trump will never be forgiven for showing normal people that their destruction, and the enrichment of other people, who despise everything that they love, believe in, and care about, is a policy decision. Trump showed other choices are possible.

Having seen once how it actually works, we can never unsee it.

That is Trump’s greatest achievement.

His successor was sworn in this week behind 12-foot fences topped with razor wire and in the presence of over twenty thousand troops, a show of force and as well of the insecurity of his administration. It is unlikely he would have had a cheering crowd of thousands on hand in any event.

Biden shares with Obama his demonstrated disregard for the troops, some 200 of which have now tested positive for COVID, by requiring loyalty checks on them and forcing 5000 of them from the Capitol to camp out in an unheated parking garage with no internet reception, a single toilet, and only one electric outlet. (Trump has invited them to house at his hotel near the White House.) Three governors were so disgusted with Biden’s treatment of their troops they withdrew them: Ron De Santis (Florida), Greg Abbott (Texas), and Chris Sununu (New Hampshire).