Were you paying attention on from the 6th to the 21st? Why do you need overt coms? Still programmed to be told? Gotta deprogram….I am, in fact somewhat devastated that all the "right" who claim to know the law, protocols, procedures, actually don't or there'd not be a second of fear, anxiety, misery.

Don't you dare get upset or mad when you finally have i spoonfed to you so you can feel comfy. Just consider POTUS a father, disciplining you for STILL, despite everything, (IE MSM) dependent on someone else to tell you what the "picture" means.


NO, Enjoy some liberal tears.

"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you"..GOLDEN RULE…kek…so have some golden salt. I get that there are programmed NPCs on both sides….that means everyone has to UNPLUG and start using their EYES and…brain. You say you think for yourselves and are better than the left….and here you are begging for coms. (this is why con-artists like Juan, Simon, et al are making fucking bank here.) KEK POTUS, keep up the game—the PAYtriots….regrouped after their massive FAIL (I LOL'd hard).

People here calling themselves PATRIOTS and do not even know the laws and protocols of our great nation. Sad. VERY fucking sad.

but HOLY shit–the biggest damn clue in your face is if China Joe is president, why are the blackhats still here?