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Comparison of Biden's and Trump's 21 Gun Salute (Cap)

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Comparison of Biden's and trump's 21 Gun Salute

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>Comparison of Biden's and trump's 21 Gun Salute

There was no Gun Salute after Joe Biden was sworn in as President (??)

Was the Shot Heard Around The World the Sound of Silence?

Joe Biden 2021 Presidential Inauguration Ceremony


Donald Trump inauguration day – watch live

https://youtu.be/1UXYMPTdC40>Comparison of Biden's and trump's 21 Gun Salute

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I just went back to Reagan, Clinton and Obama. All had the same salute Trump received, 21 guns, 3 second interval.





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The 21 gun salute has started immediately following the oath of office from Reagan to Trump.

This link brings you to Joe Xiden inauguration after the oath…. nothing but clapping.