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Chinese Navy Commanders get fire orders against Foreign warships in South China Sea

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>>47973 pb 15 Chinese aircraft enter Taiwan Air Defense Zone for 2nd day

Chinese Navy Commanders get fire orders against Foreign warships in South China Sea

On Sunday, a US carrier strike group led by the USS Theodore Roosevelt entered the South China Sea for “routine operations.” Earlier, Japan issued a rebuke of China’s claims in the strategic body of water. The Pentagon reciprocated by promising to protect the Senkakus – the East China Sea islands controlled by Tokyo but also claimed by Beijing.

The National People’s Congress Standing Committee – China’s top legislative body, has given the Coast Guard link the authority to use “any means necessary,” including firing on foreign ships, to protect areas where China claims jurisdiction, the South China Morning Post has reported, citing the text of the document. The legislation, passed Friday, also reportedly allows Coast Guard link forces to launch pre-emptive attacks on foreign ships without prior warning if commanders deem such a step to be necessary, and includes a provision under which Coast Guard link personnel can board and inspect foreign vessels. It also allows Coast Guard link forces to destroy structures belonging to other countries built in areas claimed by China. Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Hua Chunying said that the law is in line with international practices, adding that Beijing “will remain committed to upholding peace and stability in the sea.”


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not disputing that however it's in two places that way

from yesterday

China fires opening salvo at Biden, making coast guard quasi-military'


Two days into the administration of U.S. President Joe Biden, China enacted legislation Friday explicitly granting broad powers to the country's coast guard and confirming the force's quasi-military status.

Specifically, it authorizes the coast guard to fire on foreign ships under certain circumstances. The agency will be empowered to "carry out defense operations" under the orders of the Central Military Commission, the military's top decision-making body.

President Xi Jinping signed the presidential orders to promulgate the law, which will go into effect Feb. 1. It comes a day after Biden's national security adviser, Jake Sullivan, assured his Japanese counterpart that the Japanese-administered Senkaku Islands fall under the U.S.-Japan defense treaty, and is likely to further heighten tensions in the East China Sea.


and this from Nov 6 '20

China's coast guard allowed to fire on foreign ships under new law