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TWO female Kurdish politicians have been beheaded after being kidnapped by jihadists in Syria’s Heseke province in a blood-soaked weekend of violence in the semi-autonomous region.

The decapitated bodies of co-president of the Til ShayIir People’s Council Saeda al-Harmoush and co-chair of the economy committee Hind al-Khadir were found by the roadside close to the centre of Al-Dashisha on Saturday.

The pair had been abducted from their homes on Friday by at least eight heavily armed men, according to reports from neighbours.

Their headless bodies were dumped in the city in what has been described as a warning and an attempt to intimidate others.

No group has claimed responsibility for the gruesome executions, but the pair had been threatened by Isis in the weeks leading up to the beheadings.

It is known that jihadist sleeper cells are operating in the area, reorganising under the shadow of Turkish air strikes: a senior Isis commander was captured by the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in the province earlier this month.

SDF commander Mazlum Kobane told Al-Monitor last month he hopes the Biden administration will double the US troop presence in northeast Syria.

Northeast Syria’s Kurdish-led administration is calling on US President-elect Joe Biden to formally recognize its autonomous status within Syria.

Sinam Mohamad, the Washington envoy of the political body affiliated with the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), made the appeal during a think tank event alongside two former US officials earlier this month.

“We call on the Biden administration to recognize North and East Syria,” Mohamad said, speaking at the event alongside former US envoy for Syria James Jeffrey and Michael P. Mulroy, a former deputy assistant director for the middle east