This is what i found on the googles Q&A after i typend in the search box "corporation of USA"

They do say that US were corporation way back from 1870's. That basically means that Americans havent had a real country for about 150y. Owners of the corporation of usa are englands royality and Vatican. This is also a thing they do admit on google's q&a.

This is why Q told us to follow the CEO's resignations cause they are the ones who lead the USA and not the government. People didnt have any power for 150years.

This is why 21 guns salut didnt welcome Biden.

This is why trump had 17 flags in florida with golden fringe and 21 gun salut.

This is a proof cause Q told us to remember this day(19thJan) .

I guess its a day when USA stopped to be a corporation and this is me telling you that Biden has no authority and power over the country but only the corporation of the usa…and that this is gone..pooofff…

Biden is literally a president with no land…

And whats most important…

this is why Q told us that these people are STUPID

Cause they really are!

Comfy af and just enjoying to watch The Great Awakening of people who coosed Biden.