Optics important. Potus has to distance himself and let WE THE PEOPLE trump the current captain of the ship. Congress/our representatives have failed us.

How do we trump the Captain of the ship?

We look at every Federal Program and start filing whistleblower cases based on FACTS

Start with the HAVA Funds program and how Certifying Officers certified the use of HAVA Funds to protect the integrity of our elections. FALSE CLAIMS - THESE CERTIFYING OFFICERS falsely claimed they followed the regulations surrounding the use of HAVA Funds because the regulations have been broken!

from the HAVA Funds Act:

"(C) certifications that the replacement voting systems

will meet the requirements of section 301; and"


The Hava Fund program says we can challenge the 2020 election because the error rate was unacceptable and demand a new election…..WE THE PEOPLE must do this!

Let me educate you all a little bit….

Every Federal Program must follow 2 CFR 200 THE SINGLE AUDIT ACT

If a Federal Program is found to be in violation of THE SINGLE AUDIT ACT then WE THE PEOPLE can file a false claims act case (whistleblower case)

THE HELP AMERICA VOTE ACTIn response to the problems during the presidential elections of 2000, Congress passed the Help America Vote Act (“HAVA”) mandating significant changes in virtually every aspect of election administration. If HAVA is implemented properly in the 50 states, many provisions of the law hold great promise to improve the nation’s outdated voting procedures.


Straight from HAVA Act:

(5) ERROR RATES.—The error rate of the voting system

in counting ballots (determined by taking into account only

those errors which are attributable to the voting system and

not attributable to an act of the voter) shall comply with the

error rate standards established under section 3.2.1 of the

voting systems standards issued by the Federal Election

Commission w