I am hoping hivemend helps here. I have fallen down a rabbit hole and can't get out.

Dan Scavico began posting pictures of his office ( messy as Hell) via FB on June 7 2018.The flag in the backgroud has only 48 stars. Every picture of that messy office since then has had that flag.

PDJT told us to remember this day forever on January 6 speech and coincidentally that date is involved with the 48 star flag.

Taft signed the EO on Jan 24 1912 and revoked it on Oc 29 1912


the 13 star flag we saw at Biden's inauguration seems to fit the requirements for a Union jack here, although I am not sure why the light blue was used and not the dark blue required.

The EO was then revoked in May 29 1916


The EO then received revocation in part. The Presdents flag ( Union Jack) Oct 25 1945 and Jan 3 1959



The EO is last reported changes then.

Sure is a lot of EO's about our Flag. It is hard to FOLLOW THE PEN and understand why and why does Dan Scavino fly the 48 star flag in his messy office?