Man who punched cop during Capitol riot has brother in Secret Service who is friends with Michelle Obama, the Huffington Post has revealed

The son of a police officer who punched a cop during the Capitol riots also has a brother in the Secret Service who Michelle Obama previously described as a "real friend," the Huffington Post found.

Scott Fairlamb, 43, of Stockholm, New Jersey was arrested on January 22 on five charges including assaulting a federal officer and carrying dangerous weapon, Department of Justice records show.

His brother, Preston Fairlamb III, has been the resident agent-in-charge of the Trenton Resident Office in Trenton, New Jersey, since 2013 and had led Michelle Obama's service detail while she was First Lady between 2009 and 2017, according to the Huffington Post.

In her memoir, Obama noted that she and Preston Fairlamb III had "became real friends," sharing stories and jokes. She also attended his retired police trooper father, Preston 'Jay' Fairlamb Jr.'s funeral in 2012 after he died in a motorcycle crash, the report also added.